Kebloom guides young people’s dreams from idea to reality in a safe, enthusiastic, and knowledgable environment.

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Easy-To-Use Process

Launching an idea can be daunting, but Kebloom is easy to use. Simple, straightforward steps divided into clear modules guide you the whole way.

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No Limits to the Dreaming

Kebloom allows young people to start the process with any idea they have, developing and testing and refining it through the process. Young people aren’t limited to a certain kind of business, the boundaries are as wide as their ideas.

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Enthusiastic Support

Entrepreneurs often find themselves out on their own, striking new ground all alone. Kebloom is all about collaboration and mentorship, so young people always have friends and enthusiastic support.


Turning Ideas Into Reality

Creating a product or service is empowering, as is selling it. Our Kebloom Shop gives young people the chance to see their ideas flourish in a real life context and make money in a way that is innovative and fun.


Kebloom’s Top Features


Clear Business Map
A step-by-step business map guides you from idea to launch simply and clearly.

Additional Challenges
Opportunities for digging deeper are available in each step, offering expanded learning.

Self Discovery
Start with discerning your strengths and interests, so each of your ideas is unique to who you are.

Kebloom Shop
Turn your idea into reality by launching your idea onto the Kebloom Shop and start making real money.

Entrepreneurial Community
The process includes off-platform conversations with mentors and peers to maximize learning and community.

Unlimited Dreaming
Try whatever idea you have, and test it through the process.

Great for Teachers and Parents
Teachers and parents will find Kebloom to be a great partner in their student’s learning. You can see their progress and work with them through the whole process.