Helping Young People Make Their Ideas Real

Kebloom helps young people launch their idea into the real world with confidence. We are the step-by-step platform and partner through the whole process.


Your Guide to
Creating and Realizing Ideas

Kebloom is a software that walks young people through the process of having an idea, making it the best it can be, and launching it into the world as a business, non-profit, service opportunity, or anything they can dream up.


Great ideas change the world. Launch yours with Kebloom!

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Young people have incredible creativity

They are brimming with great ideas that can make the world a better place. Kebloom helps direct your kid’s creativity, refining their idea, making it the best it can be.

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We have a clear and simple process

A great idea changes things when it is launched into reality. Whether it is an online t-shirt store, a non-profit caring for the environment, or a local restaurant, we offer a clear and simple process to launch young people’s dreams.

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Young people have what it takes

Even if they don’t yet know it, young people have the ideas and the strength to do amazing things. We provide the steps and the skills to guide them, a community forum to be a sounding board, and the support it takes to be successful. You’ve got this!

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Kebloom served as the catalyst for my idea. I’m an idea person, but I’m not good at details. Kebloom guided me through the whole process. It was a breeze…

Jana, 15, Entrepreneur


How does Kebloom help?

Like you really needed more reasons to jump into Kebloom…

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Solve a problem

All good ideas are a solution to some problem. Kebloom helps young people to survey and understand their interests and strengths so that they can best use them to develop their problem-solving idea.

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THink like an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who launches a project to make a difference in the world. Kebloom guides young people to think with initiative, to take healthy risks, to believe they have value to offer, and to aim all of that at making their idea a success.

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Express your creativity

Expressions of creativity vary from painting to poetry to song-writing. Kebloom is a platform that empowers young people to express their creativity in another way through starting a business or other project. Now their ideas have a place to grow!