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The future is unknown, and the landscape is always shifting.  How do we prepare young people? Kebloom is a step-by-step platform for teachers to help students learn entrepreneurial skills, to unleash creativity, and launch ideas so they can make their own future.



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It helps students solve a real-world problem
and launch their idea and products for sale
— Sarah Ulizio, UTE Pass Elementary School

You get…

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A Self-Guided Process

Kebloom’s step-by-step process is self-guided, allowing students to navigate it with ease. Your class can jump right in, without you having to sift through a ton of info on the front end. From the very beginning, students will be taking steps to develop their idea.

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Engaged Students

Kebloom begins with self-discovery, guiding your students to uncover their passions, interests, and skills. Because Kebloom is all about what makes them tick, students become engaged quickly, and stay engrossed throughout.

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Progress Tracking

The Admin Panel allows you to see each of your student’s progress quickly and easily. See who needs a boost, who has moved quickly through the steps, and which students you can encourage to help other students. With the admin panel, reporting is easy, too.


Classroom Projects and Discussion

The collaborative elements of Kebloom allow you to create layered learning through group projects, student presentations, and guided brainstorming sessions.



What our users are saying about Kebloom……

I love Kebloom and think that it could help a lot of people
— High School Student, Colorado Springs
Kebloom will teach our students practical leadership skills that are currently missing from our existing programs
— Primary School Principal, Australia
It’s really cool that my son can partner with other kids on his business and not work solo
— Parent of an Elementary Student, Colorado
Our students have been really motivated to use Kebloom
— Teacher, Colorado Springs

You can…


Increase confidence
You can give your students a sense of confidence about their future. Tomorrow is uncertain, but your students will gain the skills and experience that help them thrive.

Unleash creativity
You know that your students have incredible potential. You can unleash their creativity as you partner with them through the process of dreaming and developing their idea.

Impart entrepreneurial abilities
You will give your students a huge head-start! Imagine how far ahead they’ll be having already designed a business before college.

Create connections
The Kebloom process includes creative collaboration throughout. You will offer your students opportunities for communication, network, and connection.

Change the future
You are the key to your students’ futures.  Kebloom is here to help you to shape and prepare your students for what’s next, and ultimately to change the world!

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